#FantasyCares Charity Leagues

Hey! My name is Scott Fish and I am running several charity fantasy leagues this year for Toys for Tots.

In 2016 we raised just over $6000! We hope to beat that goal this year!

With your help, we can make Christmas 2017 an amazing holiday for many many kids!

How do I donate / sign up by donating to Toys for Tots:
  • Our Generosity and GoFundme campaigns are done for the year. If you still want to donate, contact Scott...

We previously raised $15,363.22 through paypal, generosity, gofundme, and leaguesafe. The donations for those are listed on this page now.

$1,090 of that for Houston Relief and $14,273.22 for Toys for Tots.

Season Long Start'em Once Contest
  • You will set a lineup each week of the fantasy regular season (16 weeks)
  • You can only use each player once. (don't worry, system won't let you use one twice)
  • Scoring is standard PPR. Nothing special for this one.
  • 1 team per person. Let me know if you have two on accident. If you play with 2, both will be removed from prize contention.


Prizes Available
  • #SFB8 entries (which is a free fantasy league I run with no entry fee, so they have no monetary value. Details: scottfishbowl.com)

Fantasy Cares Best Ball Championship
SFB Satellite Leagues
  • New ones every week.
  • You will draft a best ball team
  • Each winner will get a #SFB8 invite
    (as supplies last, up to 50)
  • Scoring is SFB Scoring.
  • Play as many as you want.