#FantasyCares Charity Leagues

Hey! My name is Scott Fish and I am running several charity fantasy leagues this year for Toys for Tots.

In 2016 we raised just over $6000! We hope to beat that goal this year!

With your help, we can make Christmas 2017 an amazing holiday for many many kids!

How do I donate / sign up by donating to Toys for Tots:
  • If you sign up for a contest below, I'll contact you later about your donation and/or you can donate now with the link below!

Season Long Start'em Once Contest - $10
  • You will set a lineup each week of the fantasy regular season (16 weeks)
  • You can only use each player once. (don't worry, system won't let you use one twice)
  • Scoring is standard PPR. Nothing special for this one.
  • 1 team per person. Let me know if you have two on accident. If you play with 2, both will be removed from prize contention and your money will not be refunded.

$10 League (30% to #fantasycares - tentative)

People Signed Up: 254
League Pot: $1270
FantasyCares: $1270

Celebrity Eliminator (run by John Bosch) - $10

John will contact you with rules and about payment later.

  • Bestball Draft
  • Each week the lowest scorer is eliminated
  • Unique lineup and scoring
  • 1 team per person per celebrity league. 16 teams + one celebrity that is paid for.

$100 to fantasycares

$50 to champion

$10 to runner up

Prizes Available
Fantasy Cares Best Ball Championship - $12
SFB Satellite Leagues
  • You will draft a best ball team
  • Each Fantasy Cares winner will get a #SFB8 invite
    (as supplies last, up to 50)
  • Scoring is SFB Scoring.
  • Play as many as you want.
  • The top overall score will win the entire champions pot.
    (tentative, depending on how big the pot gets)
  • Last year we did about 50 of these. If we hit that again, that would be a $1200 pot.

$12 League ($10 to #fantasycares, $2 to pot)

People Signed Up: 310
Champion Pot: $620
FantasyCares: $3100

Your Choice Leagues - $10
Winner chooses the charity!
  • $100 per league goes to winner's charity
  • $20 per league goes to #fantasycares charity
  • You will draft a best ball team
  • Scoring is SFB Scoring.
  • Play as many as you want.

$10 League ($10 to charity of your choice, $2 to #fantasycares)

People Signed Up: 46
FantasyCares: $92