#FantasyCares Charity Leagues

Hey! My name is Scott Fish and I am running several charity fantasy leagues this year for Toys for Tots.

In 2015, we raised $1,500. In 2016 we raised just over $6000! In 2017, we raised over 15,000 for charity.

Our game may be fantasy, but this is reality

Our 2017 FantasyCares Drive:

We previously raised $15,423.22 through paypal, generosity, gofundme, and leaguesafe. The donations for those are listed on this page now.

$1,040 of that for Houston Relief and $14,383.22 for Toys for Tots.

How do I donate / sign up by donating to Toys for Tots:
  • Our Generosity and GoFundme campaigns are done for the year. If you still want to donate use the button below. Funds will go towards the 2018 drive and be listed on the donations page!

2018 Fantasy Playoff League:
  • We are starting our 2018 Fantasy Cares Drive with a Playoff League.
  • It will be $10 with half the pot going to FantasyCares.
  • MFL Link
  • Rule: You set a weekly lineup (QB, RB, WR, TE, FLEX) and can only use a player once in the entire playoffs.
  • Payouts TBD. Likely a weekly payout (top 1-10 teams) and an overall payout (top 5%-10% of finishers)
  • If you can not get the LeagueSafe link to work, contact Scott
  • Once MFL is set up, you will be put in the league upon payment/donation.

Link to Join


Fanball is waiving the convenience fee and also donating that amount to this Charity. So the more signups, the more for FantasyCares!


Paid Signups: 74
Fantasy Cares: $370
Pot for league: $370

Last year we had 507 people play. This year the goal is 1000. If so, the pot will be as follows: Potential Payouts

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Toys bought in 2017!

Minnesota - Dec 1, 2017 = $7,393.16

Cincinnati - Dec 1, 2017 = $1034.03

San Diego - Dec 1, 2017 = $999.86

Milwaukee - Dec 7, 2017 = $999.42

Las Vegas - Dec 10, 2017 = $2406.57

Louisville - Dec 1, 2017 = $2000.00