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About Fantasy Cares

The mission of Fantasy Cares is to raise money each year through the fantasy sports community for various charities. The majority of money donated is to be used to buy toys for kids at Christmas with those toys being donated to Toys for Tots or a similar charity. In the past we have also given money to a food shelf after hurricane Harvey and do plan to use some donations for other charities besides toys for kids as well.

Amount Spent for 2018

Ohio 5000 John Bosch
Kentucky 5000 Ryan McDowell
San Diego 3000 Matt Price
Illinois 5000 George Kritikos
Florida 3000 Heath Cummings
Los Angeles 3000 Liz Loza
Virginia 500 Jake Ciely
Minnesota 19335.18 Scott Fish
*remaining 772.82  

Pictures of Receipts for 2018