Previous Toy Shopping Trips

Here are some of our favorite pictures of our toy shopping trips buying toys to donate to Toys for Tots!

Today was shopping day! We spent $10,000 today in Minnesota buying toys for @ToysForTots_USA -- one of a dozen shopping trips we will be making around the country!

Thank you to this awesome community for helping and supporting! #fantasycares #SFB11

Turn volume on!😀

— Scott Fish (@ScottFish24) December 3, 2021

Oops this might have happened. Thank you @JohnBoschFF for being a great friend thank you @ScottFish24 for starting all of this @RyanMc23 for all you do in your work in SFB. And @tacitassassin13 provided the music you guys are awesome. #fantasycares

— Bob Gilchrist (@BobGilchristFF) December 5, 2021

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